"Wow. I made an impact...it makes you feel really good."   --Fred Geiger, Volunteer, Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Volunteering with Building To Teach can be a very rewarding experience. Our program relies on the involvement of volunteers of all ages to share their knowledge and passion with young people. We are always looking for math tutors and career mentors to teach and inspire kids through in-person and virtual coaching.

We work through companies to recruit volunteers for our program. This provides us a wider recruiting net, as well as help with coordination, background checks and potential program support.

If you are an employer, Building To Teach is a great way to engage your employees in hands-on mentoring activities that can make a profound difference in the lives of young people.
If you are an individual looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity, we want to involve you and your employer. Contact us and tell us how to best get in touch with your company.

All of our volunteers go through an online training process to become familiar with our materials and teaching methods. To learn more about the rewards of volunteering, watch the story below from the Alexandria Seaport Foundation (the incubator of the Building To Teach program). If you are interested in volunteering or learning more, let us know.