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Sample Teaching Materials

Building To Teach has developed a series of hands-on math projects and teaching materials that we make available to our Instructional Groups and trained volunteers.  Below is a small sample of some of the math teaching exercises and videos we use in the program.

Building Projects:
Bevin's Skiff - Bevin's Skiff is a 12' flat bottomed skiff that can be rowed or sailed. 
  • Over a thousand have been built around the world.
  • The Bevin's Skiff was specifically designed to be a teaching tool, and has clear plans and instructions, lesson plans.
  • Plans and kits are available.
  • There's even a "renewable" version of the boat designed to be built from recycled and renewable materials

Cigar Box Guitar - Download the Cigar Box Guitar Math Instructor and Builder Guide showing how to teach math through the process of building a cigar box guitar.

Shop Math:
Geometry - Sharpening the Chisel -
Two intersecting planes yield a straight line. In this case. they yield a cutting edge.

Paper & Pencil Exercises:
Magic Circle -
This hands-on math exercise teaches fractions, decimals, degrees and geometry. Introduces trigonometry and algebra.
Magic Ruler - This short video teaches how to convert, add and subtract the fractions on a ruler.