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Ways to Participate

If you are interested in using the Building To Teach hands-on teaching methods and materials you will have to get trained as a Building To Teach Instructor Group.Training involves a two part process: 1) virtual training via materials accessed through the Building To Teach training website and 2) an in-person training workshop with Joe Youcha. Once you have completed training you will understand how to use our teaching methods and materials in different types of settings. You will also be connected to a community of instructors with whom to share insights, successes and ideas for tailoring program implementation for specific needs.

Our program relies on volunteers to work with students as math tutors and career mentors. Volunteers share their passion, professionalism and math knowledge with students to teach, inspire and encourage them to develop their math skills and understand how math is used in a range of jobs and everyday life. 

We recruit volunteers through companies. Volunteers must complete training via an online program and our “Volunteer in a Box” training materials.

Join the Office of Naval Research, The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and the Computer Science Corporation in supporting Building to Teach's mission.

Our sponsors provide skilled volunteers as well as financial support. They provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for their employees and help build our future workforce.