Who Uses B2T

Building To Teach is used by a variety of organizations that teach or use math, including building trades and trade unions, schools, and non-profits that fund STEM education.  If your organization uses or teaches math, please contact us or fill out our simple application to learn more.

Building To Teach has trained instructors in 36 states, the District of Columbia, Australia, British Columbia, Brazil
, Canada, Chile and Israel.

Below are some of the organizations that have had great success using Building To Teach hands-on learning projects and materials:

United Brotherhood of Carpenters
Joe Youcha is a co-author of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters' new math textbook and training materials. The book and materials are used to instruct apprentices in over 200 training centers across America and Canada.

Arlington County Schools, Virginia
Arlington Career Center (ACC) instructors are trained to use Building to Teach exercises and projects. We also work closely with ACC and the Northern Virginia Community College while designing programming for the Virginia Governor's Career and Technical Academy.

Alexandria City Public Schools, Virginia
Through Alexandria Seaport Foundation Educational Boat Building projects, Alexandria City Public School students and teachers have benefited from Building to Teach materials. The latest examples include a middle school combined CTE and math class which built model boats, as well as an after school carpentry club which built cigar box guitars.

Living Classrooms Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland
In partnership with the Living Classrooms Foundation, the National Science Foundation sponsored an after school STEM education program for inner middle school students. Building to Teach materials formed the core of the boat building, hands-on math component. After the first year, there was a 70% gain in basic math fluency.