Building To Teach teaches math the way it used to be taught hands-on.

People have always learned by doing. The Building To Teach program uses the hands-on building process to help students improve their math skills and get on a path to work-readiness. We've seen great things happen when kids build something real, whether its boats, buildings, even guitars. They learn planning, communication and responsibilityall critical job skills. They discover abilities they didn't know they had and gain confidence. And, they learn math and come to see it as a useful tool in their lives. If you teach math and want to engage your students at a deeper level, come build with us!

Want to see Building To Teach in action?  Watch this short profile of the Summer Math & CTE Boat Building Program at Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, VA.

Kenmore Middle School B2T Program


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What people are saying...

"Youcha, who has been phenomenally successful in developing boat building programs for disadvantaged youth at the Alexandria Seaport a force of nature."
--Tom Jackson, WoodenBoat Magazine

"I was incredibly impressed with the materials and presentation.
--Participant in Building to Teach Training Workshop

"The eagerness of everyone to collaborate was infectious."
--Participant in Building to Teach Training Workshop

"The step-by-step process of math related to building a Bevin's Skiff (is) logical, understandable by teacher, boat builder and students."
--Participant in Building to Teach Training Workshop

"I got several ideas which are immediately applicable to my operation."
--Participant in Building to Teach Training Workshop